FAQs about the MoMA Library FAQs

Q. Why am I reading this?
A. Because we updated the MoMA Library’s FAQs:

Library Access FAQ
Library Collections FAQ

Art Research FAQ
MoMA Research FAQ

Q. Why is that important?
A. You get updated and expanded answers about the library and art research.

Q. What’s the biggest change from the last FAQ?
A. Increased digital content. Example: What electronic resources does the Library have?

Q. What’s the truly most frequently asked question?
A. What are the library hours?

Q. What’s the most infrequent frequently asked question?
A. What is DADABASE? What is Arcade?

Q. What question got edited out?
A. What cars were in the 1951 and 1953 automobile shows? Answer:

8 Automobiles, 1951
Mercedes SS, 1930
Cistalia, 1949 (first produced 1946)
Bentley, 1939
Talbot, 1939 (first produced 1937)
Jeep, 1951 (model first produced 1941)
Cord, 1937
MG TC, 1948 (designed 1926)
Lincoln Continental, 1941 (model first produced 1940)
Ten Automobiles
, 1953
Cunningham C-4, 1952
Lancia Gran Turismo, 1951
Aston-Martin D.B.2, 1950
Studebaker Commander V-8 Starliner Coupe, 1953
Comete, 1952
Simca model 8 Sport, 1950
MG TD, 1950
Nash-Healey, 1952
Siata Daina 1400, 1951
Porsche 1500 Super, 1952

Q. What’s the hardest question to answer?
A. How do I research a work of art?

Q. What’s the question I don’t know that I want to ask?
A. What is the syntax for boolean, wildcards, and adjacency?

Q. What if I have more questions?
A. Tell us.

Jennifer Tobias, Librarian, Reader Services, The Museum of Modern Art

Image (above): Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, "33 Questions per Minute, Relational Architecture 5", 2010. Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester, United Kingdom. Photo by: Peter Mallet.
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